Welcome to AU Student Government

Welcome to the American University Student Government website! Here you will find everything you need to know about AUSG. We are one of the largest organizations on campus that blends together advocacy, programming, and service. SG is an organization comprised of AU students who wish to make a difference on campus through legislation and initiatives.

Broken down like the United States government, AUSG has three branches: Judicial, Executives, and Legislative. The below chart breaks down each branch to show what is in each one. The Executive branch is the biggest of the three, consisting of the cabinets of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Comptroller.

The President deals with all advocacy initiatives. In the past, the President’s cabinet has done things like create the Sexuality and Queer Studies minor. Check out what SG President Sophia Wirth is planning on doing here.

The Vice President’s cabinet does all programming for SG. They put together the Founders’ Day Ball each year with the University. They also bring speakers through the Kennedy Political Union and musical artists through the Student Union Board. Learn more here.

The Secretary’s cabinet is the communication hub for SG. The cabinet is broken down into four departments: communication, information technology, design, and outreach & recruitment. They handle all of the SG social media, including the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. See what Secretary Sarah Preston is up to here.

The Comptroller’s cabinet handles all of the finances, human resources, and services in SG. Two services that all students can take advantage of are the Bike Lending Program and the AU Transportation Organization. Check out what Comptroller Abby Dunn has planned here.

If you want to see any of the open positions we have, check out our outreach page to learn how you can get involved in SG.

Feel free to browse around the website to learn about all the things SG has to offer! Anyone is free to stop by MGC 270 (the Executive office) all summer to get to know the Executives. And to the incoming Class of 2018, see you at Eagle Summit!

See you on campus!

President Sophia Wirth: president@ausg.org

Vice President Molly Kepner: vp@ausg.org

Secretary Sarah Preston: secretary@ausg.org

Comptroller Abby Dunn: comptroller@ausg.org