Executive Orders

Student Government Announces New Grant Program to Support Diversity On Campus

WASHINGTON – To recognize the diversity of students and events on campus, the Student Government Executive Board signed an executive order today to create the Grant to Empower Multiculturalism (G.E.M.).

Student organizations that share Student Government’s support of American University’s diverse student body can apply to receive up to $4,000 for multicultural programming initiatives.

The deadline to apply is Monday, March 24 by 12 p.m. Student organizations can apply through the link below. Students can also find the form by visiting the Vice President’s page on the AUSG website.


The American University Student Government represents the needs and collective voice of over 6,000 undergraduates. Our mission is to advocate for policies that will tangibly benefit students, offer top-notch programs and lasting traditions, provide services and resources to students, and work with clubs and student leaders to establish a positive cohesion between our groups.


Rosemary Cipriano, Secretary
E-mail: secretary@ausg.org

Executive Order 13-14-003S

EO 13-14-003S

Executive Order 13-14-002

Joint EO 13-14-002

Executive Order 13-14-006P

EO 13-14-006P

Executive Order 13-14-005P

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