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Information regarding the phasing out of AUTO services

September 2, 2014

Anna Bonomo
Press Secretary

WASHINGTON – Student Government has begun the process of retiring the AUTO program from student management. SG no longer has the resources to manage a large transportation program. However the University is working to ensure that a transportation lending program will still exist.

As of October AUTO will no longer be run by SG. The University is finalizing the process needed to make this transition. In the mean time, requests for AUTO vans can be filed through the regular channels on the SG website through the month of September. SG will no longer be certifying new drivers however previously trained drivers will still be able to request vans. Depending upon the condition of available vans however, requests cannot be guaranteed.

For any questions or concerns please contact Assistant Director of Facilities Management Mark Feist at

The American University Student Government represents the needs and collective voice of over 6,000 undergraduates. Our mission is to advocate for policies that will tangibly benefit students, offer top-notch programs and lasting traditions, provide services and resources to students, and work with clubs and student leaders to establish a positive cohesion between our groups.

Announcing the Financial Aid Commission

The Financial Aid Commission is a new, specifically specialized group, dedicated to the task of improving the financial aid process at American University. The student body has consistently raised this issue as being one of the most critical concerns requiring our attention and advocacy, and the Commission will serve as a primary venue through which this issue may be discussed and addressed.

President Sophia Wirth, Speaker Alex Bradley, and Commission Chair Glenn Holmes all look forward to working with the following individuals and the entire student body to tackle the issues of financial aid accessibility and literacy.

Chair: Glenn Holmes
Poulami Banerji
Erin Brown
Justin Morgan
Amanda Sands
Casey Simmons
Paul Wells

Members of AUSG Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Task Force

WASHINGTON – Today, American University Student Government (AUSG) officially released the names of the 14 members of the Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Task Force. This group of dedicated individuals will present research regarding sexual assault prevention on campus to American University in the fall.

Sophia Wirth, AUSG President
Abby Dunn, AUSG Comptroller and member of PEERS
Kirby Howell, AUSG Director of Women’s Initiative
Max Marcucci, AUSG Executive Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life
Bryan Paz, AUSG Senator for Class of 2017
Patrick Kelly, Former Member of AU Sexual Assault Policy Working Group
Amanda Gould, Member of Students Against Sexual Violence Coalition
Regina Monge, Member of Students Against Sexual Violence Coalition
Gabe Menchaca, President of Inter-Fraternity Council
Leslie Reid, President of Pan-Hellenic Council
Winston Pingeon, Member of Stand Up AU and AU Sexual Assault Policy Working Group
Wes Young, Student Body At-Large
Maris Feeley, Student Body At-Large

Daniel Rappaport, AU Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator
Jane Palmer, AU Sexual Assault Policy Working Group Member
Stef Woods, Adjunct Faculty Member

Mission Statement:

“The American University Student Government Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Task Force seeks to research and provide to the University administration, recommendations for ways in which to target the issues of sexual assault and violence on campus in order to prevent future occurrences and provide survivors with necessary resources. The Task Force will work closely with the University Administration to implement proposals and promote meaningful discussion about cultural changes within and throughout the campus community.”

Joint Order Appointing Financial Aid Commissioner

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President Wirth and Speaker Alex Bradley abolish idle committee